I was fortunate enough to have two weeks of bliss at Rancho la Puerta in Tecate Mexico before returning to NYC as the Covid 19 pandemic began to rage. It prepared me with a feeling of gratitude and contentment to get through these times. After just four days in NYC my daughter Johanna, her husband Brad, our Havanese Goldie and I all relocated to Goshen in the NW corner of Connecticut. What this pandemic is doing is heartbreaking but for me personally and for Goldie life has in some ways improved. I now get to have dinner companions nightly, my basic food groups have expanded beyond yogurt, peanut butter, cheese and popcorn. Goldie gets to have two other people in her daily life, gets many more walks, dinner plates to lick and wonderful aromas from the kitchen.


Johanna and Brad work via computer most of the day and I have become the in-house chef. It helps to have them as a great clean up crew and Johanna and I are getting to do all that mother daughter cooking stuff that somehow we never did much of when she was growing up. I have cooked more in the past several days than in the past 4 years and thought I might post about it in the hope that some of it might be useful to some people, or at least amusing to read about. None of this could happen without my daughter, whose knowledge of what can be done with a computer is mind boggling, including the illustration of Goldie at the top of the page. She is available for consultation at a reduced rate during the pandemic.

This blog is a way to keep busy and to share some of my ideas about cooking and food.  Back I the 60s and 70s I loved making complicated dishes that required lots of special equipment.  On my first date with Bob, my husband to be, he agreed to go shopping with me, perhaps the only time he agreed to such an outing.  My mission was to visit the Bridge Kitchenware store, the place to get kitchen equipment before Sur La Table. I acquired a pastry bag and tips to make the shells for cream puffs and pipe in the whipped cream. So the date was a huge success but probably started Bob on the road to coronary problems.

My approach now is to keep it simple.  What follows are not exactly recipes, but rather a food diary and how I prepared it. Ingredients are likely ones that you have on hand or can get delivered. This is, after all, a blog in the age of a pandemic.