Stuffed peppers

This was the last entry I wrote and never got around to publishing last autumn. As you may have noted, Goldie and I have been silent for quite a while. This has been due to the addition of an infant to our household. Very little thought has gone into creating dinners these past few months when we tended to rely on recipes that I have repeatedly made. The picture is of Rancho La Puerta in Tecate Mexico where they make excellent chiles relenos.

When I was growing up a dish that was in regular rotation in my home was stuffed peppers. These were made with ground beef and rice placed into halves of green peppers, the only kind that were readily available in those days. Neither I, nor most people I know like green peppers so I used an orange, yellow and red one. That gave me 6 halves to fill. I mixed 1 pound of chopped beef with 1 egg and 1 cup of rice that was par boiled, a chopped garlic clove, salt and smoked chipotle pepper. I divided the mixture to fill the peppers and put them in a heavy casserole. It was a tight fit but that didn't seem to matter. I poured a can of tomato sauce over and around and set it to cook over a medium low heat. After about an hour, I grated some cheddar cheese over the peppers and let them cook, covered for another 5 minutes. They are really good with mashed potatoes but I didn't feel like making any. So I cut up some mini Yukon golds and tossed them in to cook with the peppers.

If these instructions seem maddeningly vague, that is because the amounts don't matter very much. You can make the stuffing meatier or with more starch and you can add whatever spices appeal. I wanted to move toward Mexican but anything is possible.

I decided this dish was too spicy for Goldie so instead of giving her the plates to lick, I gave here an empty peanut butter jar. She really cleaned it out.

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