Portuguese Sangria

This picture is a detail of a carriage in the Carriage Museum in Lisbon. Last October, when we took travel for granted, I spent a few days in Lisbon after a small ship cruise along the Iberian peninsula. The first night a small group of us went to a local restaurant and ordered a pitcher of the local sangria. We demolished it pretty quickly and then ordered a second larger pitcher which we could barely finish. I asked for the recipe and was shown a bottle of a Portuguese liquor that was one of the ingredients. The ingredient that surprised me the most was sprite or 7up. I managed to buy some of the liquor at the airport before boarding - along with some "chocolate" sardines, another Portuguese specialty (these are chocolates shaped and packaged like sardines).

I never got around to making the Sangria until two of the people who had been on that trip with me, and at that restaurant, came down from Massachusetts to visit. We had all been quarantining and masking before the visit and were happy to reunite. Also remembering that great sangria, they brought a nice Spanish Albarino (amongst some other truly glorious wines). We recreated the Lisbon sangria by mixing:

1 bottle of Albarino or similar white wine

1 7oz can of 7up

6 tablespoons of Licor Beirao*

A sprig of mint

1//2 cinnamon stick

1 large sliced peach ( apples, pears and berries can also be used)

Let stand in refrigerator and serve - over ice if you like.

A quick web search showed that this is available for sale in the US, but not widely. Your local wine store can probably get it for you.

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