ORANGE SOUP No oranges needed

I love making pureed vegetable soups. The method I use is usually the same, only the ingredients change. This is essentially a non recipe soup but it helps to have an idea of which vegetables you like and which ones you think will go together well. Usually I make butternut squash soup but liked the idea of using some of the different vegetables I had on hand because of the long range shopping. So, in addition to giant cartons of cut up butternut squash I also had a 5 pound bag of carrots and a large bag of sweet potatoes. I used some, not all, of each.

Brown a chopped onion. If you have an apple or pear I like to peel and quarter it and cook with the onion. I like to think this adds complexity but I am sure I wouldn't notice if it were not there.

Put in cut up veggies, about 1 1/2 inch chunks. I probably used serveral cups of squash, 3 or 4 carrots and a few sweet potatoes. Use as much as you want - a cup of veggies will probably yield a cup of soup to give you some idea of how much you are making.

Fill almost to top with liquid, the veggies do not have to be completely submerged. I sometimes use a can of chicken broth and the remainder water. You could use all water or add some apple cider or even some orange juice. If too much liquid cooks out or if it looks too think you can always add some more liquid. Add a tablespoon of honey to punch up the flavor.

Bring to a boil and simmer with cover askew until veggies are soft. I use a hand blender to puree. You could also use a standard blender or a cuisinart but it is better to wait until it cools.

I love serving this with some pumpkin seeds placed in the center, but in these circumstance have done without them.

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