Noodling Around

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY in a family of 4, Sunday was always a day of "light" cooking and eating. Typical was "Sunday breakfast", a meal of smoked fish, cream cheese and bagels that were about half the size we have now. It was usually eaten around 11 or noon and dinner was on the early side. Dinner was some variation of vegetables with sour cream, tomato herring - very large sardines in tomato sauce (which I dreaded), cold canned white asparagus and my personal favorite, noodles and cottage cheese with lots of salt and pepper. Sometimes we would have jarred kadota figs in sweet syrup or canned white cherries. As I reflect on this I realize that my mother needed to put dinner on the table for us every night - no takeout, no delivery and no eating out except for special occasions or an occasional meal at the Chinese restaurant. It made sense for her to have a day off from cooking for hours over a hot stove. Now that I am making dinner nightly with no eating out and very limited delivery I have an inkling of what that might have been like for her. Of course, she had been doing it for years and had no real help in the kitchen. I have been at it a a few weeks and have a great kitchen crew.

I wondered if noodles and cottage cheese was just something my mother made or was in fact part of the repertoire of eastern European dishes. Some research revealed that it is in fact the latter. Perhaps it is the Jewish version of macaroni and cheese. It is a dish that I have made before and one that my daughter, Johanna has fond memories of. I do realize however that for those not raised on it it may have all the appeal that canned tomato herring had for me. I did make it once but the jury is still out as to whether Brad will be satisfied with another meal of it. As you know, Goldie is always in the kitchen with me but her heart belongs to Brad, as you can see in the photo above, so I will only make it again if he agrees. Goldie wouldn't want me to serve him anything he did not want

There is really not too much to making this.

Boil some wide noodles as directed on the package.

Drain and add cottage cheese, salt and pepper to taste.

Mix with spoon.

If you want to spruce this up you can add ricotta and or parmesan

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