My favorite smoothie

Goldie may think she is my favorite everything but I really love a good smoothie for summer lunch, or breakfast, or snack. It provides lots of vitamins and protein with minimal effort. Whenever I see smoothie recipes they always seem to have either kale, bananas, peanut butter, or orange juice, none of which I like in a smoothie. When it is warm I often make a smoothie for lunch. I think I started doing this years ago in Anguilla when our home away from home had a kitchen and we did not want to eat all of our meals out. There really is no recipe for this and you just have to use the amounts that appeal to you. Back in Anguilla we used to get low sugar individual cans of fruit nectars such as peach, apricot, and guava. I would put an individual container of yogurt, a fresh peach or nectarine and maybe some berries, and about half a can of juice into a blender. Voila, smoothie. If you want to amp up the flavor (as well as calories), you could use a flavored yogurt but I tend to prefer the plain. I have enjoyed using coconut yogurt but found the lime too overpowering.

Now that I am in CT and those little cans are not available I use about 4 ounces of V8 peach mango juice with a few dollops of yogurt and some fruit, usually peach and/or berries.. Here I have a hand blender and use it to puree it all. If I use a wide mouth glass I can drink from I have one less item to wash. On a hot humid day it is still the perfect lunch for me. And for those who like the flavor a fruit but not the consistency it is a great way to enjoy the fruits of summer.

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