More apple time

Years ago I read a novel called The History of Tractors in Ukraine about an elderly war refugee living in England. His diet consisted of something he called Toshiba apples because he cooked them in his Toshiba microwave. He cut up apples and put them in a bowl in the microwave until they were softened. I have done this often, usually peeling the apples and adding some cinnamon. Sometimes I even add a few raisons. I prefer this to baked apples because I can cook several apples at a time and have various serving sizes, rather than one apple per serving. Also, when I cut the apple up I discard the core and don't have to deal with it while I am eating. I recommend the book as well as the apples. The author is Marina Lewychka.

The other thing I love to make with the abundant apples is apple sauce. For this I use an old fashioned food mill, identical to the one my mother used to make pureed food for me many decades ago. I cut up many apples - judging the quantity according to the size of the pot I plan to use. This depends on the size of the apples and I use a mixture of many sizes and types. I cut the apples in quarters and remove as much of the core as can easily be cut out. Then I put all the apples in a large pot with some cinnamon, if you like, as well as nutmeg. I prefer not to sweeten the apples but you might want to add a small amount of sugar or honey or even maple syrup. Add a small amount of liquid, water or apple cider and cook slowly, stirring occasionally to get the cooked apples on top and the top uncooked apples closer to the heat. When it all seem soft, scoop into food mill placed over a bowl. Turn handle and continue to add apples and the sauce comes through the bottom.

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