Matzoh (Designed for desperate times)

When we came here on March 18, before the shelter in place order, we packed up food and brought it with us. When we arrived and unpacked Johanna saw that I had brought matzoh meal and exclaimed "You don't think we will be here until Passover, do you?" I am not sure what my reply was but I am glad I brought it. One thing that I did not bring with me was a box of Matzohs. Feeling that I needed to have some, at least for the first night of Passover, I enlisted Johanna's help in trying to make them from a recipe I found on the web. This was not successful enough for me to share with you. Suffice it to say I got 6 edible matzohs from more than 2 cups of flour. (It was a perfect storm of recipe's errors and baker's limitations).

Having made chicken soup, the next step was to make matzoh balls. My secret recipe appears below from the back of the box of Streit's matzoh meal. When I am attempting to be slightly healthier I will substitute 2 egg whites for one of the whole eggs. My theory about matzoh balls is that, like other foods, people generally prefer the style they grew up with. Some really prefer "sinkers", others not so much. We are in the latter category but really do like a bit of "bite", sort of like pasta al dente. Although we don't like sinkers we also don't like the fluff balls to be had in some Jewish style restaurants that serve giant matzoh balls that dissolve in the mouth. I always cook them for at least 45 minutes rather than the 30 suggested on the box. No matter how often I make them I will never be as proficient as my mother who used no recipe and no measurements and knew when the mixture was just the right consistency.

The most creative and enjoyable part of our Passover dinner was my deconstructed charoses. We had a glass of sweet wine (Madeira) with some sliced apples and walnuts. Next time I might sprinkle the apples with cinnamon sugar.

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