Magic oil

One of my most favorite ingredients is orange flavored grapeseed oil. It is sold by a local company and is probably similar to orange flavored olive oil that is widely available. The flavor is very pronounced so I usually use it in combination with other oil, or butter. It adds a subtle flavor to baked goods and I have used it in brownies and brioche for just a hint of orange.

It is wonderful in salad. Now that it is summer I will make a watermelon and feta salad using some of this oil along with olive oil and white balsamic and chopped mint. But why stop at watermelon? I have used various combinations of watermelon, tomato, cucumber, avocado, feta and mint with this orange scented dressing and it is always sublime. Don't like tomatoes? Leave them out. Lactose intolerant? leave out the cheese. I will also use it in winter when I often use oranges in place of tomato in green salads. Generally I swap out 1/3 of the oil I would normally use for the orange oil.

I also find it a great addition to baked chicken or shrimp. I will use the orange oil straight to coat the chicken or shrimp and then coat it with panko that has been flavored with smoked paprika, salt and pepper. Bake at 400. 10 minutes should suffice for the shrimp. Chicken will probably take 30 to 45 minutes

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