Greek baked shrimp

I took this photo in Sicily, but it is a Greek temple, built by Greeks. Today is a summer day, but I have no fresh vegetables. The weather this week has been damp, cool and rainy for late June. As the rain pours down I realize I waited too long to get to the farm stand for fresh corn and tomatoes. The idea of driving to the market in the driving is not very appealing. So, what could I pull together to make a nourishing meal that does not include a salad or cooking on the grill?

It occurred to me that I could bake some shrimp with canned tomatoes and feta cheese but this did not seem to make an entire meal. I thought some chickpeas would make a nice addition but I had run out and would have to make do with some cannelini beans. Finally I remembered the frozen spinach that was in the freezer. To give it a boost, I picked some fresh oregano from the garden (the rain eventually stopped). While Johanna and Brad were out playing tennis I defrosted the shrimp. In a baking dish I sautéed some onion on top of the stove and added the tomatoes, beans, defrosted spinach and a splash of wine. I let it cook a few minutes so the flavors could meld and let it sit on the stove. When they returned, I put in the shrimp, covered it with crumbled feta cheese and baked the entire dish for 15 minutes. I think artichokes could be used in place of, or in addition to, the spinach.

Having no garbanzo beans and using my last can of tomatoes brought to mind a suggestion I read recently. Because we do not know if or when there will be a second wave, or if another pandemic might be around the corner, there is no time like the present to prepare. Perhaps each time I go to the market I will get an "extra" of what I normally use to build up a supply so that I won't have to do panic buying in the future.

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