Goldies favorite toy

Goldie is one of those dogs who like to play with toys and will do so for quite a while by herself. This is not surprising because the Havanese breed was used to perform in circus acts in Havana. One of her favorite toys is the common plastic bottle that is used for packaging of beverages. I do know how bad it is to purchase anything in a plastic bottle, but sometimes I just want a non-flavored, non-sweetened carbonated drink.

Since this is essentially a shelter in place blog I thought it would be helpful to talk about that much used product that we call fizzy water. Many people use vast amounts of Pellegrino, Perrier and Poland Spring bubbly water, as well as the more mundane seltzer that comes in various brands. Now that most of us are doing curbside pickup or instacart obtaining large supplies of this seems more difficult, to say nothing of the dire environmental impact of all those plastic bottles. Enter our Soda Stream Saga.

Johanna is a particular fan of fizzy water and got one of these as soon as it came out. She was so impressed that she even invested $500. in the company. The company hit some very hard times and she was advised to give up on it. It seemed an inexpensive lesson in the dangers of picking individual stocks. Of course within a few months the company was bought by Pepsico and shot back up.

Now that we are living in the same household for the first time in almost 20 years and consuming twice the amount of fizzy water, I decided it is time for me to get a Soda Stream. I can't say I have completely mastered the knack of fizzing the water, but it is really good with a wedge of lime. And I love not lugging those bottles or harming the environment. Of course, I am safeguarding the few leftover bottles we have so that Goldie can still have one to play with.

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