Goldie Goes Bananas

Johanna was talking about the way Goldie goes bananas when she plays with her toys and has the above video to prove it. It made me remember the banana pancakes I made the week before. I find making any kind of pancake on my electric stove a considerable challenge but they turned out good enough to eat, if not particularly beautiful. These recipes are flour and gluten free. The amount below makes one generous serving. You can multiply the amount of ingredients to feed as many people as you would like.

1 egg

1 medium banana

1/8 tsp baking powder

Whatever add ins you would like such as walnuts or raisins or blueberries.

I put all the ingredients in a food processor but you could also mash and mix it up by hand.

Cook as you would regular pancakes and serve. I like a little maple syrup on them. Johanna thought a thin layer of peanut butter was nice. Goldie liked them too, but not as much as her toys.

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