Avocado, marshmallow, tuna and eggs

I have often read that avocado is one of the food that dogs must not have and thought of it as absolutely toxic even in minute quantities. During my time at Rancho La Puerta (where there was an endless supply of avocado at lunch time) several residents of California referred to the avocado trees growing in their yards, and to the pits scattered about. These pits were the remains of fallen avocados that had been eaten by their dogs. Obviously, large dogs. It was agreed that the fruit is not good for the dogs in the long run but is not immediately life-threatening. Still, Goldie doesn't get to taste anything with avocado. I also just read that marshmallows are also not good for dogs. A mini one won't hurt as long as it doesn't have artificial sweetener but a large one has too much sugar or artificial sweetener and might require a trip to the vet.

Meeting the challenge of coming up for something for lunch, and having received 36 eggs, 6 avocados and 10 cans of tuna from my warehouse delivery, I decided to combine some of each. I drained a can of tuna, mixed in 2 hard boiled eggs, and some chopped celery. To bind it all together I mashed up some avocado with mayonnaise and mixed it all together. Salt and pepper to taste. Makes a nice sandwich, or a spread on toast, on top of salad greens or all by itself. But Goldie doesn't get to lick the plates.

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