Adventures in Marketing

For me, thankfully, acquiring food has been the most stressful part of dealing with the pandemic. My entire life I have never bought food for more than a day in advance. And when I cooked large quantities we usually ate them until they were gone, avoiding the need for freezing. Bob always said of any stew or soup that it was delicious but would be better the next day - even if the next day was the third day in a row of eating it.

I have also never been one to use a shopping list, preferring to wander the aisles to pick out what looked good or appealed to me at the moment.The first two days we were in CT Brad and Johanna let me accompany them to the market. I stocked up on everything except toilet paper because we already had enough. They were scrupulous about disinfecting their hands and everything they touched. Five days later we decided we could use another shopping foray. By this time, the Covid 19 cases were beginning to skyrocket and they refused to let me enter the supermarket.

We started to run low - no more orange juice, that bottle of olive oil was almost empty and we could use some bread since there has not been any yeast to bake some. Fresh fruit is running low as is milk, yogurt, flour and sugar. As careful as they are they are, Johanna an Brad are fearful of entering a market for worry that they might somehow bring the virus home and infect me. There is no Whole Foods here in NW Connecticut and our Stop and Shop has cancelled its curbside pick up. Fortunately our local Bantam market has set up for dealing with the pandemic. They will do curbside pick up, same day if ordered before 10am. In addition they are limiting in store shopping to only 25 people and only 1 person per family at a time. They are also enforcing 6 ft social distancing. We picked up our first order and it was mostly accurate. Its a good thing I am not daunted by the prospect of cutting up a whole chicken, which is what we received instead of a cut up one. Also not quite sure what to do with the 2 giant Spanish onions, about a pound each that filled the request for 2 pounds of onions.

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