A quarantine celebration

Johanna never thought we would be here for Passover and I am sure it never occurred to her that we might be here for her birthday. A celebration was called for, a special dinner. Instead of cooking I decided to order from a restaurant we had enjoyed until it became impossible to get a reservation. This was our chance to sample their food once again. Arethusa al Tavolo in Bantam CT was providing curbside pickup for a prix fix dinner at what seemed to be less than their regular prices. In addition they were offering wine bottles at a 25% discount. Given the choice between salmon and duck breast, we all chose duck with beet gnocchi. It came with a salad and strawberry rhubarb cake. They had a lovely pinot noir from Rully France. Although not from the chateau I had visited, it was from the same area and was a no brainer decision.

You might wonder what the picture of Goldie licking a peanut butter jar has to do with all of this. Although we do not feed her from the table, nothing has stopped her from strarring plaintively at us and whimpering as we eat, especially if the food is particularly aromatic. Sometimes she will stop if we tell her she has to wait till we are finished (when we let her lick the plates). This time we really wanted to enjoy our meal uninterrupted. My solution for keeping her busy for a long period of time has always been an empty jar of peanut butter. In fact, I always keep these empty jars for when they might be needed. So as we sat down to our celebration dinner, we gave Goldie a finished jar of peanut butter. It kept her busy until it was time for her to lick the plates.

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