I was one of the fortunate few who was able to leave NYC at the start of the pandemic.  My daughter Johanna and her husband Brad were happy to come with me. Goldie has mixed feelings about the move. On the one hand she gets to smell and and sometimes taste vast amounts of new foods.  On the other hand everyone is so busy that she isn't getting quite the amount of attention that she expected.

This blog is a way to keep busy and to share some of my ideas about cooking.  Back I the 60s and 70s I loved making complicated dishes that required lots of special equipment.  On my first date with Bob, my husband to be, he agreed to go shopping with me, perhaps the only time he agreed to such an outing.  My mission was to visit the Bridge Kitchenware store, the place to get kitchen equipment before Sur La Table.  I acquired a pastry bag and tips to make the shells for cream puffs and pipe in the whipped cream.  So the date was a huge success but probably started Bob on the road to coronary problems.

My approach now is to keep it simple.  What follows are not exactly recipes, but rather a food diary and how I prepared it. Ingredients are likely ones that you have on hand or can get delivered. This is, after all, a blog in the age of a pandemic.